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Thank you for joining us at our Boutique & Artisan Market - sponsored by Discover Avondale!

Below you will find the rules for our Spike Ball Game. Please make sure you have the best time playing & if you need anything at all, simply navigate over to the yellow Info Tent & ask for Shawnna or Zach so we can take care of you! 

Enjoy making memories & as always, #StayDetermined folks! 


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To begin, teams line up across from each other with the Spikeball new or roundnet in between them. The serving team hits the ball into the net towards the opposing team. The goal on the serve is to hit the ball towards the opposing team in a manner where they cannot return it. If they cannot return the serve then the serving team gets a point. Each team is allowed up to 3 touches in order to return the ball into the net. It is not required that you hit the ball all 3 times. Each time the ball hits the net possession switches to the other team. The rally or volley continues until one team cannot return the ball into the net. Spikeball uses rally scoring, so points can be won by either team regardless of who is serving. Games must be won by 2 points. We will get into more details below, but this should be enough to get you started playing the game of Spikeball. 



Games are typically played to 21 points, but shorter games can be played to 11 or 15 if you want. Regardless of what score you are playing too, you must win by 2 points. Points are awarded on every serve regardless of what team serves the ball.

Points are awarded in Spikeball when:

  • The ball hits the ground

  • The ball is hit directly into the rim. 

  • The ball rolls across the net instead of bouncing

  • The same player hits the ball more than 1 time in a row

  • A player catches or throws the ball instead of hitting it cleanly

  • The ball bounces back and hits the net

  • If the server faults twice in a row.

Spike Ball Terms:

What is a roll-up or a pocket in Spikeball? A Roll-Up or Pocket is when the ball makes contact with the net and then proceeds to roll up into the rim. If this occurs during a serve it is a fault and the serving team can serve again. If a roll-up or Pocket happens during regular play the rally continues. 

What is a rim shot in Spikeball? A Rim occurs when the ball is hit directly into the rim and not the net. Play stops when the ball hits the rim and the opposing team gets the point.

What is a near-net serve? A near net serve is when the ball is hit into the servers side of the net and has almost no bounce. This is a legal serve as long as it doesn't roll across the net.

Spike Ball Faults:

  • You cannot serve the ball directly out of your hand. It must travel at least 4" from your hand before hitting it.

  • The player serving the ball must be at least 6 feet from the Spikeball net when serving.

  • The server may only pivot one step in any direction and cannot move sideways during the serve.

  • The server may not jump toward the net while serving. Both feet need to be behind the 6 feet serve line at all times.

  • The serve must be within reach of the opposing team. This means if the opposing team cannot reach the serve without jumping, they can call a fault and the serving team can serve it again.

  • The ball hits the rim at any time.

  • The ball hits the pocket on the serve.

  • The defending team gets in the way or hinders the opposing team from getting to the ball. All hinders are replayed. 

  • Any player makes contact with the Spikeball roundnet during play. The team that makes contact with the new loses the point.


Rules Recap:

It may seem like a lot if you are just starting to play Spikeball, but get started with the basics and as you get better you will get to know the more advanced rules. It's a fun and challenging game that will take some practice to get good at, but aren't all good things worth a little effort? Go have some fun with the game of Spikeball and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

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