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Thank you for joining us at our Boutique & Artisan Market - sponsored by Discover Avondale!

Below you will find the rules for our Ladder Ball Game. Please make sure you have the best time playing & if you need anything at all, simply navigate over to the yellow Info Tent & ask for Shawnna or Zach so we can take care of you! 

Enjoy making memories & as always, #StayDetermined folks! 


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Bolas just might be the most important piece of the game; two golf balls connected with a piece of nylon rope make up one bola.

Game Ladder:

The game ladder is the contraption that contains three steps or rungs.

Steps or Rungs:

The three polls that make up the ladder are called “steps” or “rungs.” The top rung, middle and bottom rung.

Toss Line:

Players must toss the bolas from a line 15 feet away from the ladder. We don`t expect backyard players to measure out 15 feet exactly so 5 paces from the ladder works just as well!

Ladder Ball Rules:

The game of Ladder Ball is played in rounds and typically a coin toss will determine which player goes first. Each player has three bolas and must throw all three of their bolas before another player can go. The goal is get the bolas to catch on one of the rungs, the top rung is worth three points, second is worth two and the bottom rung in worth one point. There is no set way to throw a bola, therefore a player may toss anyway he/she likes and can even bounce a bola on the ground. The player with the most points at the end of the round gets to throw first the next round. After a round is played, points are totaled. Whichever bolas are still hanging are awarded points. It is okay, encouraged even, to knock the bolas of other players off the rungs; in that case, those bolas do not count as points. The first player to get to 21 points exactly is the winner. If a player goes over 21 points, the points they earned during that round do not count.

In the Event of a Tie in Ladder Ball:

In the event of a tie, each player with 21 points will play as many overtime rounds until one player gains two points at the end of the round. The two point rule only applies in overtime rounds.

Play in Teams:

Ladder Golf can be played with four players with each player alternating turns each round. Extra bolas and ladders can also be purchased. With two ladders, the same rules apply yet two players from opposing teams would be on each side. Each side would toss bolas and the other side would then toss back.

Ladder Ball Etiquette:

Unlike the actual game of Golf, the gentleman`s game, Ladder Golf encourages remarks, sounds and/or movements in order to distract your opponent; however, touching a player or their bolas is against the rules. No player is allowed to walk to the ladder before the completion of each round. Now that you understand the terminology, etiquette and guidelines you are ready to play Ladder Golf at your barbeques, tailgates, beach days and family fun events. Enjoy!

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