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Thank you for joining us at our Boutique & Artisan Market - sponsored by Discover Avondale!

Below you will find the rules for our Magnetic Darts Game. Please make sure you have the best time playing & if you need anything at all, simply navigate over to the yellow Info Tent & ask for Shawnna or Zach so we can take care of you! 

Enjoy making memories & as always, #StayDetermined folks! 


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Pick Teams (if playing with 4 players). Flip a coin or simply decide on who throws first. 

Magnetic darts must land with the weighted tip within the number to retrieve a score. Scoring is kept verbally after each round



Basic Scoring Rules: 

* Keep score verbally during play for everyone to hear. Keep track of the score as you play

* Darts missing the target entirely are awarded no score.

* Darts landing on the target are awarded the point value of the number they landed on.

Game Play:

* Similar to horseshoes, team members split up, with on member at each target.

* When playing singles, opponents toss from the same side.

* Each round consists of players taking turns throwing three Darts into the target.

* Opposing scores cancel out. For example, if Team A scores a 5 & Team B scores a 3, then Team A is awarded the difference or 2 points.

* Do not walk to the opposite target or et in the line of a toss prior to the completion of the throws.

* Switch targets after the first player or team reaches 11 points

* Play continues until one player or team reaches 21 points & wins!

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