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About Us - Detemined Events

Determined Events is a business dedicated to delivering you the best events, food, music & entertainment options - we do it all! We are an Arizona based family owned & operated small business with a love for our community as well as our local food & retail small businesses, beginning in 2017 we realized this passion deserved to benefit all the hungry people of the greater Phoenix Metro Area...& so it began!!

From day 1 we realized the need for the area to have more diverse opportunities to enjoy lasting & memorable experience worth sharing with their loved ones. Determined Events organizes family oriented vendor & food truck events based out Avondale, Arizona -  bringing the best food, fun & family back event at a time!


Our Vision - Determined Events

Community over Competition!!


For our company as well as our family; our sole Mission is to provide the most opportunity possible for the small businesses, mobile chefs & street food specialists that make up our Maricopa County mobile food & vendor communities. Helping add to their brand recognition & spreading the reach of their businesses even further around the  Valley.

In doing this we are also able to provide our local community the very best food trucks, vendors & overall event experiences. Bring your family, friends & pets to enjoy music, kids activities, backyard games, giveaways, raffles, & more, All while shopping & enjoying your meal with your loved ones!

Determined Events - Our Vision


Compny Profile - Determined Events

Determined Events was established in 2017 through an opportunity to build a business providing the most inclusive, family-centric events possible hosted all over the Valley. 

Determined Events is dedicated to the concept of Community & keeping the love & passion of homemade, local, diverse street food easily accessible & even more over; always memorable!

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